We assist you in your Sale or Succession Planning by guiding you through the following:

  • Value Gap Analysis

  • Exit Planning

  • Information Memorandum

  • Valuation and Appraisal 

We deliver to you professional exit and succession plan reports. 

Reports include; exit and succession plan report, Gap analysis report, Action plan report, Business attractiveness to a potential purchaser report, Exit business plan report.

We assist you with a structured process to in which we analyse your business and provide a detailed exit action plan.​​

We provide a comprehensive “Exit & Succession plan” report based on the “Attractiveness” and “Readiness” index of your business within its industry.

The report automatically calculates the score and graphs the gaps indicating the necessary action plan that is needed to increase the value of the business.

  • The Attractiveness Index – How attractive your business is to a potential purchaser. This is based on a risk profile.

  • The Readiness Index – This is based on how ready your client is to proceed with the transaction. It is similar to a reverse due diligence but covers a large range of additional value enhancement criteria.