This weeks short article explores an approach that relieves a prospect’s problems, and that brings great business and emotional benefits, especially the relief of pain, problems and headaches. Its a way to radically re-design your company’s sales approach, and in turn develop long-term relationships with your customers.
In order to dramatically increase sales and grow a business, one has to successfully increase the perception of value that the market has of your product or service. There is no other way.
When people get to the point of a making that buying decision, there are really just two major types of benefits that most buyers will evaluate:
  1. The addition of something positive: (better rate, more options, longer warranty, quicker response, etc), or
  2. The elimination of something negative: (minimum order size, cost of maintenance, long lead times, etc.)
The quickest and easiest improvements come from concentrating on eliminating the negatives.
These “negatives”, or objections, are intimately known to your customers and prospects …one doesn’t have to persuade a buyer that they exist…they know that they do. Done well, eliminating the negatives (objections) is a path of no resistance to closing all new business.
Now here’s how you might think about turbo-charging your company’s growth:
Present the prospect or existing customer with their own problems, then link their problems to your industry’s existing standards, methods and policies, therein providing a solution. This eliminates what everyone else is doing, which is starting a sales presentation by pushing their service.
The more problems that your offer eliminates, the greater the benefits to your prospect. For this to work, you must discover what your prospects really want, and find a way to fix it, build it or create it.
Most times this takes outside-the-box thinking and breakthrough ideas. Then go and do it. The results will be spectacular!