If you’re a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), use of industry benchmarks to assess and improve your performance by comparing your business with others in your industry.
If you’re new to benchmarking, you can also use the industry benchmarks in the link below to assist with your planning and budgeting.
Download the industry benchmarks tool from the following country links below:
Use the industry benchmarks to:
  • compare your financial performance against similar firms in your industry and identify areas where you may differ
  • find information that will help you make decisions on how to improve your business performance.
The Industry Benchmarking Tool is a joint initiative between Statistics Aus/NZ and Inland Revenue to provide information on the financial performance of businesses in 45 industries. Stats NZ are also working on extending the number of industries for future releases. They calculated the industry benchmarks using information provided by small businesses to Inland Revenue on financial statements and income tax returns.
In saying this they return only aggregate information to the ATO or  Inland Revenue. They do not provide Inland Revenue with any information on specific businesses, nor anything that could be used to identify any business.
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